By using your bank or a car yard you are limiting your scope and may miss out on a great deal on car finance!

Going through the car yard where you want to buy your new car means that you might have a salesperson who uses all the sales tricks in the book, but doesn’t necessarily have the financial expertise to ensure you get the right terms.

Sometimes a car dealer will verbally tell you “we can finance you at X%” and it’s only when you pick up the car that you see your interest rate is much higher than what was promised. Never risk signing loan documents at the dealership on the same day you want to pick up the car!

Today’s Lowest Rates From 4.99% Fixed – 5.90% Comp Rate

Rates current August 16, 2022. As seen on RateCity & Finder. By submitting an inquiry, Credit Concierge will pass on your details to one of our network of Licensed Finance Brokers to assist.

If you go to your bank, then you can be stuck with one approval pathway and are restricted by the bank’s car loan product, with its own conditions and interest rates that may not be the best loan you are actually eligible for!

When you use a car finance broker, you have access to a lot more products from a variety of banks, including different interest rates and approval pathways. Brokers have a lot more knowledge when it comes to car loans and negotiate between you and financial providers to get the best overall deal tailored for you!


    Gaining Access to wholesale rates which aren’t available directly to the public could see you save 1000’s in interest over the life of the loan! Our partnerships with over 30 different lenders will have you on the road knowing you received the best possible deal available!


    Rather than running around to different financiers to find the best deal, a car finance broker already knows where to look and can speak to various financiers to coordinate and negotiate on your behalf!


    Car finance brokers deal with car loans all day long so have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to getting the right kind of loan for your needs. We protect your credit score by dealing with lenders prior to making a formal enquiry which may affect your credit score. Avoid affecting your credit score unnecessarily!


    Finding a car and the right lender plus all the paperwork that follows can be stressful. A car finance broker can take all this headache away, so you have a smooth and easy process. We also provide you your very own online portal which makes uploading and signing documents a breeze!


    Once you know what make and model car you want to buy, we have our very own specialised car buying service that can track down the right vehicle without you having to leave your home! This will save you time and the effort of having to deal with those dodgy car salesman!

Blake Shelley
Finance Specialist – Broli Finance