Getting the right car finance that suits you and your needs is necessary, so check out Credit Concierge and our car loans to see why a used car loan from us could benefit you. Aside from a house, a vehicle is perhaps the costliest things you can purchase, so sorting out financing is one of the first moves towards buying a car.If you are on the lookout for a used car, don’t wait until you’re signing the paperwork before considering how you will pay for it. That is when hiring an expert for a used car loan will come in very handy.

Buying A Used Car

  • Fast, efficient and friendly customer service expert – our courteous customer service team will answer any queries you have and make your loan application process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.
  • Low fixed interest rates with terms up to 7 years – our competitive low fixed rates with flexible terms will help keep your repayments low and affordable.
  • No monthly fees – there are no hidden or additional monthly account-keeping fees.
  • Flexible repayment options – repay your loan as it suits you – fortnightly or monthly.
You can also make extra repayments at any time and in some cases can even re-amortise the loan repayments.Your application for cheap vehicle financing is speedy and effortless, and this is how it will remain. We have access to over 30 bank and non-bank lenders, offering you more than 80 diverse loan options. We will find you a broker that can quickly discover a cheap car loan to address your needs at a rate that will be superior to any other contender quote. At times, our specialists can get a 3-4% lower rate on your banks advertised used car loan finance. Our same day approval will imply that you will be out and about as fast and as cost-effectively as reasonably possible. Credit Concierge can help you get approved with access to a wide range of car loans and car financing options, either in advance or before a new or used car purchase. We are an expert asset finance centre that associates you directly to a group of fully accredited finance brokers who can organize interest rates that are far superior to the lenders own advertised rate.Our motive is to connect more Australians with the very best finance experts and lowest rates that will help you to save time and money when finding the best-used car loan for you.