Credit Concierge has access to a network of business car finance professionals who can connect company owners with substantially lower interest rates than the usual quoted rate from any of the big four banks. Our specialists can connect you with the best auto finance product that is suited for you and your business, thanks to long-term partnerships with some of Australia’s best car finance lenders. From the 100’s of loan options offered by our panel of lenders; Credit Concierge’s fully accredited financial partners will make it their mission to find you a lending solution that best matches your business’s needs.

Car Loans with Low or No Documentation

Is your company in need of a new car or a replacement for one that is currently financed? Has the bank told you that you can’t get a loan because you don’t have the necessary documents? What if you don’t have a tax return or BAS statement?

Bored of jumping through the banks hoops yet confident that you can afford a new vehicle loan? Did you happen to notice that a no-doc car loan might have the same interest rate as a full-doc loan, which requires the submission of a tax return?

Speak with one of our business auto loan specialists about the advantages of a no-doc loan and how we can help you get approved quickly and easily. We can assist you even if you:

  • If you don’t have any tax returns, you’re in luck.
  • Are you GST-registered?
  • There isn’t a Deposit.
  • Buying privately or from a dealer with no previous business lending or business car loan history.

What Is the Difference Between Low-Doc and No-Doc Loans?

These loans are identical to traditional Chattel Mortgage or Hire Purchase agreements. The only difference between these loans is the documentation you must supply to the bank. Low-doc and no-doc vehicle loans require the bank to receive minimal information, which means we can get you approved and settled on the same day.

When most other financiers ask for financials, tax returns, or bank statements, we have loan products where this will not be requested.

Business Car Loans

All business clients who require a car for business purposes can apply for a Commercial Car Loan. Companies, trusts, partnerships, and sole traders are all includedTalk to one of our business specialists, and they’ll tell you precisely what you’ll need to get business car finance right away!