Buying either a new or used car interstate can be daunting at the best of times. There is so much to think about and of course everyone wants to ensure they get the best possible deal for them and make sure the car they are buying is going to be mechanically sound.

 Well the good news is with so much information at the tips of your fingertips, now you can. Historically, buying a vehicle interstate for many, would not even be a thought.

With all the challenges with 2020, we have had to adapt to change. There certainly has been an increase of demand for not only brand-new vehicles but used vehicles as well, so finding a car close to home may not be as easy as it once was. The first thing to look at when buying interstate is to research the exact vehicle you are looking to buy. There are many ways to do this. There are some fantastic Youtube videos that run through the features and benefits of pretty much every vehicle. These videos are objective and run through the pro’s and cons of vehicles.

In terms of the vehicle search you can do this by searching online and putting the enquiry through the relevant site. Of course, there are major car search sites but there are also other sites such as Graysonline where you can buy direct at heavily discounted prices so do your homework. Once you find a vehicle you like you can send an email enquiry through and the dealer will generally come back via phone or email. Of course, when you are not seeing a vehicle in person you want to ensure that is everything the seller says it is. The first thing to see, is if the seller can send you some videos of the car and make sure you find out about the service history etc. Just remember you are more than able to ask for as many photos as you like to be comfortable.

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You can even organise independent pre-purchase inspections. There are many great services that can be utilised to ensure the vehicle is as stated and these include Redbook Inspect, NRMA and RACQ. This gives a very good peace of mind and they are extremely thorough from exterior, to interior and engine – they check it all.

Prior to negotiations think about what you are comfortable spending. Will you contribute deposit? Will you trade your existing vehicle (yes you can even trade with an interstate purchase!) If you are financing, it is a great idea to use a broker as we do this day in day out. We know the process better than anyone and can assist with ensuring you are paying the right price for the vehicle and can ensure repayments are within your budget.

Then it is time to negotiate. When negotiating, once you are comfortable with the vehicle price, you can always sign a contract subject to independent inspection and finance. This enables you to secure the vehicle at the agreed price, plus allows you the time to ensure you happy with any inspection and of course your finances and budget.

One thing to think about within your negotiations are “on road costs”. If you are buying interstate on road costs cannot be included as it is relevant to each individual state. On road costs include stamp duty and registration. Each Australian state has great online calculators so you know exactly what will be out of pocket. If you are using a broker, we even have lenders that can finance those on road costs.

Buying interstate, of course you need to be able to get the car delivered and there are many trucking companies that can deliver it right to your door, even in times of this crazy pandemic!

So, when you are ready to purchase your next vehicle, just remember you are not confined to your local dealerships the Australian Motor Industry is well and truly open for business and is catering to all States and Territories. Happy Hunting!!!

Cara Rodgers
Finance Specialist – Broli Finance