Speed Humps are the New Dirt Bumps

Slamming your foot to the floor, climbing inclines in your new 4×4 that should be impossible to climb and sending dirt flying all which ways have people hooked.

The feeling of freedom to outdoor junkies is like a moth attracted to a bright light. From 9 to 5, the getting off the roads in their 4WD  it is all they can think about. Their computer desktop wallpaper is littered with the wilds that are just outside of town with nothing but the alure of muddy puddles and pushing their rig to its literal breaking point to keep them going. Friday afternoon comes around and the call is made to all the fellas in the group, preparing to organise a rendezvous and spend the whole weekend roughing it up. This is what a four-by-four is made to do.

You would think then that it is hard to believe that this makes up only a minute percentage of four-by-four owners. The truth, for some curious, unknown reason is that these machines have become a phenomenon in the motoring world. Soccer mum vans have been swapped out with the newest Dual Cab ute, businessmen have forgone driving their luxurious limousines and sleek sports cars, to their polar opposite: a Toyota Hilux SR5.

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What is it then, that has the public so drawn to 4WD’s?

Well, let us take a brief look back at history, it will teach us that this is nothing new. We saw it with the beginning of the hot hatch, brought on by the ludicrous success of the Mini Cooper in the 60’s and 70’s, before the term was even coined, going against the grain and showing the world a fresh type of motoring.

We saw it with the introduction of the meanest, sexiest road car of its time, the Ford Mustang. This was a design so incredibly impressive, it caught the eye of the whole world, and quickly became a poster in every boy’s bedroom, no matter their age. From astronauts to movie stars, and eventually every street, these vehicles became so sought after, they were everywhere. So, it makes sense that now, in the modern age, there is something new to bite our consumer teeth into and not let go.

Owning a 4WD

Owning one of these four-by-fours is a must. It is the human psyche to be blamed. It is seen in the clothing industry, the travel industry and it has always been in the motoring industry. Oh, but how this purchase makes the countless man-hours put into the design and engineering of this car obsolete.  To think, when living in the big city, the only way for this car to have a hope of utilizing any of its specialized four-by-four abilities is to find a car park with an overabundant number of speed humps and go for it. This does not quite have the appeal to the brilliant ads we see on T.V, with an emphasis on exploring and driving through creeks. And yet, these are still being bought by those that will never, in their lifetime, take this car off-road. Why? Even years on from its initial conception, the four-by-four is still so heavily advertised and has so many low rate car loan, and so many offers and incentives to buy them, that no other vehicle type is offering, it is almost a no-brainer. It has managed to dominate not only the off-road vehicle market but the family SUV market, the luxury car market, the everyday sedan market, without once dipping its toes into any of those ponds. So then, we must look back to the original source of the four-by-four, and see which genius decided to add all the bells and whistles of the best car at the time.

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Alexander Coote
Finance Specialist – Broli Finance