When concluding whether to invest or organize finance for your next truck, the temptations of paying money for downright ownership are significant: the vehicle is yours, end of the story. Credit Concierge and our accredited board of commercial transport professionals have the industry experience to coordinate with your business objectives with the best vehicle transport finance for you and your organization. We have examined the pros and cons when considering truck finance with the Credit Concierge. 


  • Long-long repayment terms: moneylenders give you more opportunity to pay off your loan because the vehicle acts as collateral, making it safer for loan lenders. That likewise implies that it is simpler to manage because your regularly scheduled instalments are lower. 
  • Low-Interest Rates: bank lenders charge you less premium since they can recover the worth of your truck finance regardless of whether you end up defaulting on the obligation. 
  • Inherent Security: the actual vehicle goes about as collateral, so you don’t need to give extra assets for improved rates. 

It additionally fulfils an inclination for outright ownership, if business-related. 


  • Conceivably Out of Date Vehicles: you may wind up with obsolete trucks whenever you have finished paying off the loan. If this concerns you, you might be in an ideal situation seeking equipment leasing. 
  • It Could Be Troublesome To Qualify: you should have at least one year in business. Additionally, a strong credit record must be withheld, and be qualified for commercial truck financing. 

Income for maintenance, repairs, potential overhauls and add-ons are required to meet changing conditions and needs. There will come a time when a business should invest in a business vehicle. It is imperative to fathom the necessities and loan costs before you apply. You should think about an elective type of financing on the off chance that you realize the truck will be outdated before your repayment period comes to an end.

Why Choose Us

You need to be sure you are dealing with people who fully comprehend your industry, your priorities and can tailor finance solutions that meet your needs and boost your business. That is what the team at Credit Concierge is all about.

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