Does a declined application come up on my credit file?
If a formal application for finance is made, then a record of this enquiry is made against your credit history.  To get a free copy of your credit report you can visit or
At Credit Concierge we never leave a mark against your credit history when an enquiry for finance online is made. It is only after a formal approach to a lender and your signed authority is received that a mark against yuor file will be made by your finance expert we referred you to.
No there are no direct costs associated with using our service. We are a specialist marketplace that connects you with an industry expert to help you find the most suitable finance arrangement for your circumstances.
We are a team of finance professionals who have built a network of finance experts to connect everyday Australians with solutions that are not always available to the open market.
Depending on your personal circumstances we can in most cases have an approval in your inbox- 1 hour after receiving any supporting paperwork we may need.
Yes. As asset finance specialists we can finance anything that has a serial number including but not limited to cars, boats, bikes, trucks, caravans & pieces of equipment.
Yes, you can. Our network has specialist commercial finance brokers who specialise in no-doc or lo-doc applications and have access to multiple specialist lenders who can help.
Yes, you can. Our specialist brokers guide you through the private sale process by dealing with the vendor on your and the lenders behalf to create a paper trail and checking system that will protect both parties in the transaction.
Yes, you should. However, be mindful that the more enquiries you make can in some instances have a negative impact on your credit score.
Yes, you can however there are some lenders who will not allow it under a secured car loan, so it is always wise to discuss your situation with an expert, so the right loan product and outcome is found.
Yes, you can. It is sometimes beneficial to get a second opinion as it may be as simple as the wrong lender for your circumstances was approached for credit that does not actually fit your lending profile.
Yes, you can. Speak with an expert who can guide you through the approval process, so you are in the strongest position to get a favourable answer.
In most cases the lender will require you to be discharged longer than 12 months, however there are cases when this requirement is waived.
The application process takes about 5 minutes to complete over the phone or 10 minutes online. Your broker will ask about your work history, living arrangements and get a snapshot of your living expenses and any ongoing financial commitments you may have.
Your interest rate is determined by the strength of your overall lending profile such as time in employment, whether you are a homeowner or renter as well as the age of the car you are looking to purchase.
Yes, you can but make sure you look at the PDS and FSG of the providers to make sure the products and cover is right for you.
NO- We only offer fixed rate loans so you know exactly what your repayments are when you enter the loan agreement and can budget accordingly.
We offer minimum loan terms of 12 months and the maximum loan term is 7 years.
Our expert broker network deal with over 40 different lenders and 100’s of different loan products. We deal with the Big 4 as well as many other secured asset finance providers.