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Find Your Ideal Boat?

Have you tracked down the ideal boat that you have always been dreaming about but are currently asking yourself where do I find the best finance arrangement to coordinate?At Credit Concierge, we have boat loan specialists who understand that finding the best boat loan suited to your requirements and beating anything you may receive through the boat dealer or going directly to your bank. We have been making boat loans happen hassle-free for a vast number of Australians very much like you.

Purchase Privately Or Through Our Dealership

We can finance a boat from a private vendor or through your local boat dealer. Our specialists can help you with a new or used purchase and have the loan products that have options to finance any credit amount between $5000 to $250,000 and loan terms from 1 – 7 years on most boat loans.If you are considering buying privately or through a dealer, it’s ideal to have a boat credit expert on your side who understands what steps to take to ensure you are safe in the transaction. Regardless of whether it is organizing a pre-purchase assessment or verifying whether there is any outstanding money owing on the boat, our specialists understand what is required and will secure you a safe and low rate approval.

What Types Of Watercraft Do We Finance?

We finance a wide range of boats and individual watercraft of any size and year of manufacture.Whether you are searching for a speed boat, a fishing dinghy, half cabin runabout, jet ski or other PWCs, we have the experience to advise what bank is best for your circumstance. Our boat credit specialists will make getting approval a quicker and less expensive interaction than if you did it without expert help. Get a Credit Concierge loan professional working for you today.We will find the right broker who will give you the approval at interest rates and repayment better than anything in the market! Contact us today for more information on boat loans.